5 Common Mistakes Manufacturers Make on Their Websites


Redesigning numerous manufacturers’ websites has provided me with valuable insights into the most frequent errors they tend to commit. In this article, I will outline five of the top mistakes manufacturers make on their websites and offer practical solutions to rectify them.


Mistake 1: Poor Quality Images

Many manufacturers hesitate to allocate funds for professional product photography. Even when they do invest, they often fall short by not engaging competent photographers capable of executing a compelling product photoshoot.

This issue typically arises from a lack of familiarity with proper product photo standards, resulting in ineffective art direction for photographers. To address this, I recommend manufacturers consider hiring experienced industrial product photographers. While it might incur higher costs initially, the long-term benefits of high-quality images will significantly outweigh the investment.

If your manufacturing business is due for a rebrand, prioritizing photography and a well-executed product photoshoot is crucial.


Mistake 2: Lack of Social Proof

Manufacturers pour substantial effort into crafting top-tier products and services, yet fail to harness the power of positive customer feedback. Although they receive commendations, these reviews and testimonials often go unutilized on their websites.

Take a moment to review your website – chances are you haven’t prominently featured any testimonials, or at most, just a handful. For manufacturers dealing in high-value products or services, especially in international markets, showcasing testimonials and social proof can significantly bolster customer trust.

I encourage you to actively gather testimonials and reviews and showcase them on your website. Witness the remarkable impact this can have on your lead generation.


Mistake 3: Neglecting Case Studies

Prospective customers scour the internet for products and services. Integrating well-structured case studies into your website can instill confidence, enhance credibility, and establish trust in your brand, products, and services.

A comprehensive case study should encompass three key elements:

  1. Identification of client pain-points or challenges.
  2. Demonstrating how your product or service successfully addressed these issues.
  3. Highlighting client feedback and outcomes.

For optimal results, ensure you incorporate a minimum of three case studies for each product or service category, tailoring them to various application industries.


Mistake 4: Overwhelming Technical Language

The level of technicality in your product information should align with your target audience. If your customers are primarily technical experts, utilizing industry-specific jargon is appropriate and effective.

However, when dealing with diverse buying committees that include non-technical members (e.g., purchase managers), it’s imperative to convey your product details in easily understandable language. Striking a balance between technical and simplified explanations on your product pages is key.


Mistake 5: Neglecting Typography

Typography plays a pivotal role in shaping your website’s visual identity and readability. Unfortunately, many manufacturers disregard this aspect, resulting in websites featuring illegible, outdated, or mismatched fonts.

Establishing a comprehensive brand guideline that includes typography standards is crucial. Ensure consistency across your website and other printed materials to create a cohesive and professional brand image.

Prioritize the creation of a brand guideline with a dedicated typography section to elevate the visual appeal and coherence of your website.

In conclusion, addressing these five common mistakes can lead to substantial improvements in your manufacturing website’s effectiveness and user experience. 

By investing in professional photography, leveraging social proof, showcasing well-structured case studies, tailoring technical language, and refining typography, you can position your manufacturing brand for greater success in the digital realm.



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