6 Important reasons why you need a Website Care Plan?

website care plan

You need to know that WordPress is one of the most used content management systems. Due to its popularity, it is on the radar of hackers. To prevent your website from being hacked. Updating and Maintaining a website is crucial for your online business.

Following are 6 important reasons to maintain your WordPress Website

1. WordPress is updated regularly
2. If not maintained, websites are vulnerable to get hacked
3. Once hacked, it can hurt your online reputation, SEO, and revenue
4. Website Speed is important
5. A website without fresh content is a stale website
6. A care plan includes strategy sessions


Website Softwares are updated regularly!


As you are using your IOS or Android phone, you receive notifications to update your apps, including ios and android operating systems.

Usually, these are updates related to new feature addition to apps or security releases for any vulnerability found.

Updating IOS or android phone apps is not a big issue. Once clicked on an update option, the phone automatically updates.

Similarly, website software such as WordPress releases new features updates or security patches.

But, Updating WordPress Website is not that easy. Usually, in most cases, websites built do include custom code in them. When you try to update the website without taking care of this customization code, this result’s in a broken website.

Besides, there might be some issues with some WordPress plugins which might not work with the latest WordPress version.

Updating a website should be left to expert professionals like our team, who are proficient in handling such problems without breaking your website.


Real-life case study of one of our client


One of our clients who own a WordPress website tried to update his website without consulting with our team. Paid ads were running. The website was generating revenue for him. Unfortunately, the update process did not go smoothly and resulted in a broken website.

He got panicked, called us, and told us the mess he created. We told him not to worry and let us look into the matter. After an initial investigation, we found that custom code was not working with new plugin update releases.

We immediately worked on custom code, made some changes, and pushed back again. After doing the necessary tasks website came back live.

It took almost two days for our team to fix the issue.

In these two days, he lost his business.

After this incident, he immediately signed one of our website care plans.


If not maintained, websites are vulnerable to get hacked.


WordPress Website does get new updated releases to increase software security, functionality & stability. And these updates are usually weekly or monthly basis.

WordPress plugins are developed and maintained by third-party plugin creators. These plugin creators also do release security patches or new features.

If you do not keep your WordPress website and plugins updated, then it creates security loopholes. Hackers can exploit these loopholes and break your website.


Once hacked, it can hurt your online reputation, SEO, and revenue.


You have a website, Has good SEO and also is generating revenue for you. But it is not maintained to the latest updates. Chances are your website will be exploited by hackers, and they will hit your website with SEO spam.

SEO redirect spam uses your rankings, and when a user clicks on your website URL in the search engine result page intending to visit your website but gets redirected to scam websites. These spoils your SEO efforts.

It is also dangerous for your domain reputation. Hackers might use your domain for sending tons of junk spam emails which will get your domain flagged by various email spam filter algorithms.

Once the domain gets flagged, that hurts your email delivery. Your emails sent or received might get blocked by email spam filters.

To avoid such issue’s it is better to keep website software updated.


Real-life case study.


We were approached by a client complaining that his emails are not receiving as well getting delivered. He was very frustrated. We investigated his website and found that it was hacked and hit by malware resulting in SEO redirect spam.

Hackers used client’s domains to send tons of junk spam emails. The client’s website domain got flagged by spam filters.

All of these problems resulted in the client not receiving order emails or sending quotations. As a result, it hurt his revenue.


Website Speed is a vital factor in SEO and UX.


Website speed is a vitally important factor in both SEO and UX. The website must load fast. If it is slow to load, then visitors might bounce and look out for another website.

These impacts conversion rate and ultimately in leads or sales.

In our website care plan, we take care of website speed. And optimize them to load fast to provide a better User Experience.


A website without fresh content is a stale Website.


In today’s digital world, every business periodically needs to update its online content. Over a while, there are new activities, tie-ups, office location changes, new product releases, and much more content you need to keep updated on your website.

For instance:- If you have recently moved your office to a different location or added a new service area. Your website should show this newly updated address location. Or you are required to edit your product content or product images.

Our Website care plan includes this website content edits and updations. We will add blog articles provided by you.

Otherwise, if you cannot write blog articles, You can buy our content writing service.

If you want to get more traffic to your website, You will need to keep your blog updated with new blog articles. [P.S This comes under SEO or Content writing]

A Website not updated with fresh content does not help in achieving your business goals.

Hence, It is vital to have recent content on your website.

We will help you in keeping your website updated with our care plans. If you want to keep your blog filled with new articles, You can sign our content writing service.


A care plan includes strategy sessions.


To get a result from an online; website, a digital marketing strategy is a must. We help you constantly in implementing, updating marketing strategies that will help you to generate revenue.

In our website care plan, we provide monthly marketing strategy consulting sessions. To make sure your website remains productive and helps you achieve business goals.

This strategy session includes analyzing website analytics, looking out whether an existing strategy is working or not. Do it need any modifications. If yes, then we recommend it to you. Else if not working, we brainstorm a new digital marketing strategy to meet your business goals.

You need a website that is maintained & articulated with marketing strategy by professional experts like us to achieve your business goals.

Contact us to discuss a suitable website care plan for your business.


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