Don’t buy a list of Email id’s or Mobile No’s for Email Marketing or SMS Marketing

Don’t buy a list of Email id’s or Mobile No’s for Email Marketing or SMS Marketing

If you are planning to buy a list of Email ids or Mobile Nos from so-called providers, for email marketing and SMS marketing, Beware yourself, Don’t ever do this. This way of marketing will never work.

Why not buy a list of Email id’s or Mobile No’s?

  1.  First, This is illegal. Without the consent of the users if you are sending them an email or SMS then you are invading their privacy and being treated as an imposter who has violated the law.
    GDPR is a law which was created to monitor users data by organizations.
  2.  Most of the Email id’s and Mobile No’s from this list are outdated.
  3.  Owners of Email id’s or Mobile No’s are not aware of your Organization or your brand, Without being known to them, if you send them marketing email or SMS they will most probably ignore it as they were not expecting the email or SMS from you.
  4. Email marketing service such as MailChimp, Aweber etc doesn’t like an imported list of email ids to their software, they believe in the opt-in Email addresses. Which obviously buy a list of email ids does not have.
  5. Email id owners generally ignore the emails from unknown brands or companies, they usually communicate only with the brands or organizations to whom they have voluntarily opted in for their marketing campaigns.
  6. Most of the users will mark your emails as a spam which will hamper your IP reputation and your emails deliverability will be hampered by most of the email servers, as your IP might be blacklisted.

What should be the best way of getting Email id’s or Mobile no’s?

  1. If you are working on new product or service, create a landing page which explains your product or service. In landing page add below Newsletter opt-in option for people to add their email id and Mobile No to know more about your product or services.
  2.  You can build some tools on your website which might be useful for the users and to let users use this tool for free, to access this free tool you can ask for their email ids or mobile nos. If your tool is useful for them they will happily provide you with their email ids and mobile nos.
  3. Now you will need to generate traffic to your website or landing page, you can generate traffic by running PPC campaign, Blogging, and Social Media. Out of this traffic, you will get a decent count of users who will be willing to know more about your product or service by providing their email id or mobile nos. This is the legitimate way of acquiring the email ids or mobile nos
Why should your Website be equipped with SSL certificate?

Why should your Website be equipped with SSL certificate?

What is SSL certificate ?

SSL certificate is a data file which assigns a cryptographic key to organizational details such as name, server name, location etc. Installing SSL certificate enables green padlock symbol on URL in the browser, it also changes from HTTP to HTTPS protocol where s stands for “secure”. Https creates a secure connection between browser and web server.

Browser displaying secure connection message when a website uses SSL certificate

Browser displaying connection not secure message when website does not use SSL certificate

SSL certificate is usually used to secure credit card transaction details, login details and data transfer between applications. Now a days social media sites also need to be equipped with SSL certificate.

Why Should I use SSL certificate for my Website?


SSL certificate provides security feeling among the visitors of the website. The green padlock symbol shows that connection established between the web browser and a web server is secured. This creates a sense of assurance and trust while submitting user data such as name, email, address and phone number.

Ranking Factor in Search Engine Optimization

Google has been giving more weight to the use of SSL certificates on the website. Google has said that websites with SSL certificate installed will have an advantage in ranking in SERP (Search Engine Result page). Nonetheless adding SSL certificate alone can help you in seeing a jump in your website ranking factor ratio.


In normal cases, data transmitted from browser to server is usually in plain text format. This plain text file can be easily interpreted by users with malicious intent. This can lead to data loss or data theft. By installing SSL certificate on your website, SSL certificate establishes secure SSL connection between the browser and web server using a private key, public key and session key. These keys are used to encrypt and decrypt data between communicating browser, web servers, email servers and email clients.

How much do I need to pay to get my SSL?

There are various SSL certificate issuer organizations. Most of the SSL certificates issued are paid but there is one exception to it. Let’s Encrypt organization provides free domain validation SSL certificate. Whereas Organization validation and Extended Level validation (EV) are not provided by Let’s Encrypt. For this type of SSL certificates, you will need pay to use them. There are various SSL certificate providers such as GoDaddy, HostGator and various others.

Cost of SSL certificate varies in between 100 USD to 1000 USD per year.

At Supernova Systems we can help you in implementing SSL certificates on your website. If you need more information please feel free to contact us.


How to make sure your website is able to generate traffic

How to make sure your website is able to generate traffic

You designed a website and over a period of time, not a single content has been added to the website. Then chances are that your website would not be generating traffic for you and hence business.
Just by getting your website live does not guarantee that it will be able to generate traffic or business for you. Having static website alone will not help you in generating business.

In order to generate traffic to your website. You will need to do the following step


By Blogging from your website you will able to discuss the various topics related to your business niche. Blog articles will help you to showcase you as an expert in your business niche. Besides this, content added by blog articles is identified by the search engines bots which helps you in increasing your site rankings for a particular search.

Social Media

As per your business niche, choose relevant social media sites and create your business presence on them. For eg:- if you are retail toys store then Facebook and Instagram would be appropriate social media sites where you can create a business profile and promote your products. Social media sites will help you to generate a community around your brand. Make sure you add website URL to social media profile page or posts.


You can share your website with your friends or business colleagues and encourage them to share to their network on social media sites. You can also send email to your friends or business colleagues about your website URL and also convey them to share it with others.

Search Engine Optimization

One of the highly targeted sources of traffic comes from search engines, You will need to make sure your website is search engine friendly and also optimized for various keywords searched on search engines. Some of the major search engines are Google,Yahoo and MSN.

Hire Our Team

If you are looking for experienced team to work for you on your website or digital marketing strategy then we can help you in achieving your desired business goals. See our Website Services and Marketing Services page to know more.

5 reasons why web design and development is crucial to your digital marketing strategy

5 reasons why web design and development is crucial to your digital marketing strategy

Gone are the days when web design was responsible for aesthetics alone. While ‘look and feel’ is still very much essential, web design and development has evolved to play a more critical role in the user conversion process. From sales revenues to search engine page rankings, web design influences many factors that have a far reaching impact on your website’s performance and effectiveness.

    1. Rise of mobile browsing and usage- With increasing penetration of smartphones and easy availability of mobile data and wifi networks, time spent on mobile devices is growing. In today’s dynamic digital age, catering to your customers on a digital platform is essential. The first initiative in this regard should be to develop a mobile responsive website which is optimized for viewing on all screen sizes. Mobile apps are fast emerging as must-haves to take the brand to customers’ fingertips. Overcoming the constraints of a mobile screen; such as limited screen size, short browsing sessions, one-window- at-a- time view; to deliver a delightful user experience to customers demands top-notch web design and development skills.
    2. Search engine friendly-
      The impact of design elements on the search engine friendliness of a website should not be underestimated. It is important that your web design and development team is aware of the effect that design choices can have on SEO and weave that consideration into your digital marketing strategy. For example, Flash, which was often used in websites for animations, is no longer recommended
      from a SEO standpoint as it does not run on mobiles and takes too long to load. The landing page design, site navigation, link structuring and placement of call-to- action buttons, among other things, directly impact conversions and need to be meticulously planned.
    3. Importance of UI/ UX in the sales funnel-
      Your website is often your customer’s first moment of truth with your brand – people will form their first impression about your firm based on your website. It could make or break the deal – will they continue to buy your product, submit your enquiry form, sign up for your newsletter and refer you to a friend ? Or will they close the browser and switch to your competitor? – your website’s design and development quality could determine all that and more. Your website has a critical role to play in every stage of your sales cycle – it should not only educate your customers about your products and services, but also compel them to take action in your favour. Websites have become an important tool for inbound marketing to generate leads which can be nurtured into qualified opportunities and retained as loyal customers.
    4. Branding –
      Web design and development is the vehicle to launch a strong brand identity of an enterprise. Getting the colour theme, font, message, placement and consistency right is instrumental in delivering the desired customer communications. It is of paramount importance to create a visual imagery that resonates with your customers, evokes the right emotions and experiences in their minds, infuses character into your brand and stimulates appropriate associations. Customization to suit the target audience, taking into account cultural sensitivity and symbolism, can also be achieved through good web design and development.
    5. Differentiating factor –
      Customers are spoilt for choice today. Money-rich time-poor consumers value convenience over anything else and any website or application that makes their life simpler earns their loyalty. User friendly navigation and interface are imperative to customer engagement. To stand out in the crowd, attract eyeballs and sustain their interest, your website has to be aesthetically unique and functionally
      flawless – a combination that can only be perfected by web design and development experts.
What Digital Marketing Holds For You? How Can we Help You?

What Digital Marketing Holds For You? How Can we Help You?

Not too long ago, major businesses would keep aside 5-10% of their marketing budget to promote their brand digitally. But now we have come to a stage where digital marketing spend accounts for about 40% for major brands surpassing their budget allocation on TV advertisements. This figure is even higher in case of small brands that often rely solely on digital marketing. Year on year we are seeing 20-25% growth in digital advertising. And this isn’t surprising given the kind of impact digital media has had on our lives. From finding the nearest medical aid in case of an emergency to ordering for pizzas on weekends, we love to do everything from our workstations and smartphones.

The Power of Digital Marketing

In the last few years we have seen increased activity in the digital space. From educational institutions to consumer brands and even local governments, everyone is harnessing the power of digital marketing. It is cheap, it has wide reach and the success of the marketing campaign is measurable in real-time. Whether you run a law firm or offer home improvement services it is near impossible for you to become a market leader without a well-crafted digital marketing campaign. Let’s take a look at some reasons digital marketing is surpassing traditional forms of marketing –

  • Digital marketing is pocket friendly and ideal medium for small businesses and startups. Prior to the advent of Internet and smartphones small businesses never ran a marketing campaign.
  • It allows you to build a brand from ground up within a short span of time by reaching out to people/communities you intend to target.
  • It helps you start conversations with your audience almost immediately and cash in on such opportunities.
  • Digital marketing due to its viral nature allows you to turn your customers into brand ambassadors taking your message forward.
  • It helps in tracking your customers, their needs and aspirations right from initial interaction to the final sale.
  • Digital marketing offers you real-time measurable results allowing you to change and adapt to the evolving trends in the market.


Where Creativity and Ingenuity Matter

Unlike Print and Electronic Media advertising which is mostly thrust upon audience (more the money, more visibility you can buy) digital marketing is much more of a creative game. Most digital advertising are interactive where ads are a function of users’ action on different platforms. For instance user would come across ads of an upcoming reality project only if they search for it rather than an intrusive ad appearing in front of their eyes. With millions of such campaigns live at any given point of time digital marketing is extremely competitive. This is where we at Supernova Systems work on campaigns that offer cement your digital identity and maximize your ROI. We have developed a three-pronged approach to success –

1. Increase Your Visibility

It all starts with creating a strong digital footprint for your business/institution. While you may already have a website and some presence on the social media, that’s not enough. So how do we go about increasing your online visibility? There is no secret formula to success. Your business is different and so is your competition and hence you need a tailored marketing strategy. As your end-to-end digital marketing partner we offer a wide range of solutions – web designing, search engine optimization, mobile marketing, mobile app development, social media marketing and many more. When these platforms play complementary roles that’s when your campaign maximizes your visibility.

2. Create More Conversations

As we have mentioned earlier a well-strategized and executed digital marketing campaign creates more opportunities for conversation with your target audience. Whether it’s through an informative email marketing campaign or exciting social media campaign we shall ensure that your potential customers reach your more often. We create qualified leads for your sales team to take them forward.

3. Turn Conversations into Sales

We measure success for your digital marketing campaign in terms of the sales it facilitates. That’s what makes us different from other digital marketers as we don’t look at your campaign merely from the product delivery point of view such as creating a website or developing an app. We want to help you be easily recognizable in the market, increase your reach and translate them into monetary transactions.

Digital marketing can turn your business into a ‘brand’ and we take your digital campaign forward with our ingenuity and sound technical knowledge. Let’s get started with success TODAY.

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