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Not too long ago, major businesses would keep aside 5-10% of their marketing budget to promote their brand digitally. But now we have come to a stage where digital marketing spend accounts for about 40% for major brands surpassing their budget allocation on TV advertisements. This figure is even higher in case of small brands that often rely solely on digital marketing. Year on year we are seeing 20-25% growth in digital advertising. And this isn’t surprising given the kind of impact digital media has had on our lives. From finding the nearest medical aid in case of an emergency to ordering for pizzas on weekends, we love to do everything from our workstations and smartphones.

The Power of Digital Marketing

In the last few years we have seen increased activity in the digital space. From educational institutions to consumer brands and even local governments, everyone is harnessing the power of digital marketing. It is cheap, it has wide reach and the success of the marketing campaign is measurable in real-time. Whether you run a law firm or offer home improvement services it is near impossible for you to become a market leader without a well-crafted digital marketing campaign. Let’s take a look at some reasons digital marketing is surpassing traditional forms of marketing

  • Digital marketing is pocket friendly and ideal medium for small businesses and startups. Prior to the advent of Internet and smartphones small businesses never ran a marketing campaign.
  • It allows you to build a brand from ground up within a short span of time by reaching out to people/communities you intend to target.
  • It helps you start conversations with your audience almost immediately and cash in on such opportunities.
  • Digital marketing due to its viral nature allows you to turn your customers into brand ambassadors taking your message forward.
  • It helps in tracking your customers, their needs and aspirations right from initial interaction to the final sale.
  • Digital marketing offers you real-time measurable results allowing you to change and adapt to the evolving trends in the market.


Where Creativity and Ingenuity Matter


Unlike Print and Electronic Media advertising which is mostly thrust upon audience (more the money, more visibility you can buy) digital marketing is much more of a creative game. Most digital advertising are interactive where ads are a function of users’ action on different platforms. For instance user would come across ads of an upcoming reality project only if they search for it rather than an intrusive ad appearing in front of their eyes. With millions of such campaigns live at any given point of time digital marketing is extremely competitive. This is where we at Supernova Systems work on campaigns that offer cement your digital identity and maximize your ROI. We have developed a three-pronged approach to success

1. Increase Your Visibility

It all starts with creating a strong digital footprint for your business/institution. While you may already have a website and some presence on the social media, that’s not enough. So how do we go about increasing your online visibility? There is no secret formula to success. Your business is different and so is your competition and hence you need a tailored marketing strategy. As your end-to-end digital marketing partner we offer a wide range of solutions – web designing, search engine optimization, mobile marketing, mobile app development, social media marketing and many more. When these platforms play complementary roles that’s when your campaign maximizes your visibility.

2. Create More Conversations

As we have mentioned earlier a well-strategized and executed digital marketing campaign creates more opportunities for conversation with your target audience. Whether it’s through an informative email marketing campaign or exciting social media campaign we shall ensure that your potential customers reach your more often. We create qualified leads for your sales team to take them forward.

3. Turn Conversations into Sales

We measure success for your digital marketing campaign in terms of the sales it facilitates. That’s what makes us different from other digital marketers as we don’t look at your campaign merely from the product delivery point of view such as creating a website or developing an app. We want to help you be easily recognizable in the market, increase your reach and translate them into monetary transactions.
Digital marketing can turn your business into a ‘brand’ and we take your digital campaign forward with our ingenuity and sound technical knowledge. Let’s get started with success TODAY.
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