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We know digital marketing in and out. We have experience in running PPC ads, Email Marketing or Content Marketing. We know how to use these multiple marketing tools and tactics to generate more sales and leads.

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Pay Per Click PPC

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Pay Per Click PPC

With Paid ads, generating traffic to websites or landing pages is not an issue. We can direct traffic to the websites or landing pages as we require. But the main concern is with getting a targeted demographic audience from paid ads who can exchange time or money with your brand.

With removal of third party cookies, Pay per click ads are tricky turf to bat on. We cannot rely on old paid tactics to get conversions. Now as a business owner you need to create a right mix of Brand Messaging and Paid Ads.

IOS 14 and Google Deprecating third party cookies, Data owned by brands becomes very important and Brands need to work on collecting data from their customers in order to run ads in future using current data to find a similar kind of audience.

You, as a business owner, want to use Pay per Click ads to grow your business.

We can help you to Strategize,Design and Execute your Pay per Click Ad campaign.

Email Marketing

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Ages 25-44 are the most active email users (93%), followed by ages 45-64 (90.1%)


From these stats we can see that your audience is available on email platforms and connecting with them through email is going to provide high ROI.

Email Marketing is a very important tool for nurturing and converting prospects into paying customers.

If you are a B2B or E-commerce Store owner, Email marketing is a stealth weapon in your arsenal.

Email marketing provides an average 122% higher return on investment compared to other marketing channels.

In your digital strategy, if email marketing is not implemented or there are gaps in the email strategy. We can help you to build email strategies that will increase your leads and Sales.

We will audit your existing email campaign and look out for loop holes to improve. Based on the findings in the audit, we brainstorm and create strategies that will improve your conversion rates.

If you have not implemented any email marketing strategy, We can get you started.

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Content Marketing

Nowadays, every business needs to be a publishing house, business needs to send out consistent content that educates, nurtures and converts prospects.

Content Marketing provides the highest ROI. According to Hubspot business who do consistent blogging gets 13x more positive ROI then those that don’t.

But content marketing does not mean just blogging, Blogging is one medium of propagating your content on the internet similarly

Are also another form of content marketing.

This content works in the awareness stage of the user journey.

Usually, business owners think that writing blog articles alone means content marketing. It is not so, we have other awesome media platforms which can be used to broadcast our content.

YouTube videos


Live video

YouTube videos

Viral content

Podcast episodes

For interest stage of user journey we can use following content form

N Email newsletters
N Case studies
N Pre launch sequences
N Product demos
N Ebooks and whitepapers
N Product demos
N Landing pages
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For convert stage of user journey we can use following content form

N Sales pages
N Webinars
N Sales emails
N Customer testimonials

Successful website and digital marketing strategies include content that caters to audience needs according to their stage in user journey.

If you are stuck in implementing your content marketing. Then we can help you to build out content marketing strategy and help you to execute as well.

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