Don’t buy a list of Email id’s or Mobile No’s for Email Marketing or SMS Marketing

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If you are planning to buy a list of Email ids or Mobile Nos from so-called providers, for email marketing and SMS marketing, Beware yourself, Don’t ever do this. This way of marketing will never work.


Why not buy a list of Email id’s or Mobile No’s?


  1.  First, This is illegal. Without the consent of the users if you are sending them an email or SMS then you are invading their privacy and being treated as an imposter who has violated the law.
    GDPR is a law which was created to monitor users data by organizations.
  2.  Most of the Email id’s and Mobile No’s from this list are outdated.
  3.  Owners of Email id’s or Mobile No’s are not aware of your Organization or your brand, Without being known to them, if you send them marketing email or SMS they will most probably ignore it as they were not expecting the email or SMS from you.
  4. Email marketing service such as MailChimp, Aweber etc doesn’t like an imported list of email ids to their software, they believe in the opt-in Email addresses. Which obviously buy a list of email ids does not have.
  5. Email id owners generally ignore the emails from unknown brands or companies, they usually communicate only with the brands or organizations to whom they have voluntarily opted in for their marketing campaigns.
  6. Most of the users will mark your emails as a spam which will hamper your IP reputation and your emails deliverability will be hampered by most of the email servers, as your IP might be blacklisted.


What should be the best way of getting Email id’s or Mobile no’s?


  1. If you are working on new product or service, create a landing page which explains your product or service. In landing page add below Newsletter opt-in option for people to add their email id and Mobile No to know more about your product or services.
  2.  You can build some tools on your website which might be useful for the users and to let users use this tool for free, to access this free tool you can ask for their email ids or mobile nos. If your tool is useful for them they will happily provide you with their email ids and mobile nos.
  3. Now you will need to generate traffic to your website or landing page, you can generate traffic by running PPC campaign, Blogging, and Social Media. Out of this traffic, you will get a decent count of users who will be willing to know more about your product or service by providing their email id or mobile nos. This is the legitimate way of acquiring the email ids or mobile nos.


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