Hey business owners Don’t hang out on social media platform which you like, hang out on that social media platform where your audience is hanging out.

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Yesterday had a call with a prospective client. He said, almost 90% of my clients are corporate.

Me:- Great… Are you using LinkedIn then?

Prospect:- Not very much, have a profile nothing much activity on it.

Me:- Huge mistake! Activate your LinkedIn. You need to understand your audience and find where they are hanging out. If most of your clients are from the corporate world then definitely you should use LinkedIn. Because it is the platform where most corporate & professional people hang out. Besides LinkedIn, Twitter can also help you. Choose a relevant social media platform by doing customer research & as per your business vertical and be active on that platform. It does help!

Most small & medium business owners make the mistake of not being active on relevant social media platforms where their targeted audiences hang out. As a business owner, it is your job to reach out to them and have a meaningful, helpful and empathetic conversation. No need to always sell or pitch on social platforms.


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Sunny Bhosale

Sunny Bhosale is a Agency mavericks certified Digital Business consultant helping Coaches, Online store owners & Manufacturing Business to grow their Business with help of Websites & Digital Marketing strategies.