How to make money by selling online courses

How to make money by selling online courses

Are you Teacher, Coach or Trainer? Do you have special skills? if yes then you can earn huge income


Do you want to be an entrepreneur while retaining your current Job. You can do it by selling online courses related to your knowledge & expertise.

If you have special skills, You can earn revenue by selling this skills bundled in video courses.


Online Learning Industry Market Share


Do you know? In India, Online learning industry is going to be whopping 360.3 billion rupees by 2024.

These are not some random figures, but figures published in one of report prepared by displayed on business wire website.

If you are expert in your domain specific knowledge, you can earn huge revenue by selling your knowledge bundled in video courses.

Why Online Learning is already a big thing?


Due to huge improvement in the Internet speed and sophisticated mobile handsets with affordable cost. Most of the Indians are online every now and then. When this people are online usually they are looking out to improve their skills and update their knowledge.

Demographically age of this people are usually from 18 years to 50 years.

You have huge pool of audience for your online course. Provided that you target right audience at a right time.

Website and Digital Marketing will help!


Considering, the population of the country and targeting people in the above said age group you will get crores of targeted users for your online course. Not all of them will be interested in your courses. But to please you, With help of online research & targeting ads, we can find and target the right intended users who will be interested in the knowledge or skills you are teaching. Besides this, search engines are huge source of getting organic traffic to your website. We can generate organic traffic by targeting right keywords people are using to search on Google.

For eg :- If you are yoga instructor, we can find people who have shown interest in yoga on social media platforms and target them with ads. Bring them on the website we will create for you. Once they are on the website we will try to obtain their email id and Phone no (Personal Currency) for exchange of some valuable offering.

Once we receive their email id we can run email campaign, which will educate, inspire and convert them to purchase course.

This is just small process; there are various other traffic generating methods such as search engine optimization & PR. But in reality it is very daunting, research driven process. Content is the key to success. Major hard lifting in acquiring and converting the website visitors will be done by content.

We will help you to build online learning platform and sell your courses


We are expert in the building online learning platforms, which helps our clients to sell online courses. Our service includes

1. Discovery & Strategy Workshop
2. Consultation
3. Designing and Development
4. Content Ideation and Content Writing
5. Search Engine Optimization
6. Social Media Optimization
7. Paid Ads
8. Maintenance and Support

Case Study

“Foresightshooting Academy”


Requirement Summary

Mr Hemant Jadhav approached us to build their membership website which will help them to sell their Air Pistol Shooting Video Courses online.

He was looking for a reliable and expert solution provider to get this done.

Our Approach

To begin with, We first discussed his goals and then we conducted a detailed digital marketing strategy workshop with him.
Based on the workshop findings we presented him with a marketing strategy which should be adopted.

Once we agreed on the marketing strategy we created a design prototype after finalizing the design, We moved to development, Site was developed in 2 phases. Both phases were tested and were released successfully.

Our Solution

Website, Email Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Conversion Optimization, Content Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Consultation


Six months after launching the website, We were able to add 350 members for the free basic course and 125 members for paid courses

Most of the Website Keywords ranked on first 5 rankings of Google SERP.

With the help of email marketing and blogging, we were able to educate, nurture and convert free members to paid members.

One year after launching the website, Foresight Shooting has more than 1500 members and is progressing towards being profitable venture.

Client Review

On 16 June 2018, foresight shooting was launched. This is the worlds’ first online air pistol coaching website.

The site was developed in two months flat by Supernova Systems. Supernova’s expertise lies in creating tailormade website solutions.

No website is effective until unless it is backed by a sound Digital Marketing Strategy and service. Digital Marketing strategies and effective implementation of the same is definitely one of their strengths and plus points.

I found their Chief-Sunny Bhosale to be well versed in the sphere of Digital Marketing. The strategy recommended by him has yielded results, precisely as predicted by him.

Secondly, I found the team to be very flexible, in accommodating the many design changes which were incorporated, in response to highly dynamic market requirements. These too were done expeditiously on almost a war footing. This enabled us to change course swiftly to meet our client’s requirements and needs.

Foresight Shooting is only four months old, my website looks like it has been around for almost four years, thanks to Supernova.

Services we offered to him

1. Discovery & Strategy Workshop
2. Consultation
3. Website Designing and Development
4. Content Ideation and Content Writing
5. Search Engine Optimization
6. Social Media Optimization
7. Paid Ads
8. Maintenance and Support

Who are we?


Supernova Systems is a digital marketing agency founded in year 2010. We have almost a decade experience in the field of web design, digital marketing and consulting. Our client ranges from small business to large businesses.

We have worked with more than 500 clients across the globe. Our clients are usually from USA, Europe and India. Our range of projects included ecommerce websites, social community websites, portfolio websites, directory websites, content writing, social media ads, search engine optimization and consultation.

My name is Sunny Bhosale and I am founder of Supernova Systems Digital Marketing Agency. I am WPElevation certified digital business consultant. I have 10 years of experience in field of digital business. I have helped lots of business to transit from offline to online platform. I am a top rated business consultant on Upwork.

My agency Supernova Systems is also Top Rated Agency on Upwork. My team is also experienced and highly talented in their domain.

Do you have it in you?


To monetize by selling online course, you will need to be confident in your skills. If you are confident then you can overcome any adversaries coming in your way. With help of our experience, We can build solid online platform which will help you establish yourself as an authority in your core domain field.

This takes tremendous commitment from your side. This commitment includes time & money. You will need to dedicate yourself for working on course content. Because it is course content that will get you Money.

We will help you in creating the course content, we will also let you know what skills or topics audience is interested in. Based on this insight, we will create course content. Besides, this we will tell you how to price your online courses, Build additional learning products which you can sell besides your online courses.

If you have will to come out of your comfort zone and achieve your dreams. Then we can help you to achieve your dreams by creating a online learning platform.

How we work?


Step 1 – Client Call to discuss the project.
Step 2 – Business Goals and Project Needs Identification.
Step 3 – Paid discovery/strategy Session, If the client is not clear on his project ideas or budget.
Step 4 – Proposal based on the result of the discovery/strategy session.
Step 5 – Contract Signing.
Step 6- Project kickoff after 50% payment Deposit.

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