Nine Benefits Manufacturing Businesses will get from designing a website

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Most manufacturing business owners build websites that are catalog websites or brochure websites. These websites clearly lack the marketing strategy and are not capable of getting quality leads for their business. To get quality leads on a consistent basis we need a website that is strategic and tells your prospective customers that you have a solution for their problems and once they feel safe, then they will do business with you.

Low budget websites fail in convincing the client. Hence you need a website with the right budget and marketing strategy.

9 Benefits of Website

  1. Elevated Brand Positioning
  2. Generate quality leads
  3. More targeted traffic
  4. More Exposure & Better Rankings in Google & other Search Engines
  5. Fast Loading and Mobile Responsive Website
  6. Increase in online visibility on the Internet
  7. International traffic to your Website (International SEO)
  8. Increase trust & authority among your targeted audience
  9. Minimize the duration of the Sales cycle

All are the rewards you will get when your website is talking to your ideal customers and is equipped with a marketing strategy to convert them from cold traffic to warm leads.

Let us explore each benefit in detail.

1. Elevated Brand Positioning – When your business has a Website it helps you communicate to your prospective customers 24/7 and explains to them why your business exists, what you offer and how your business is to solve their problems.

Content on your website should be strategically written preaching prospects to do business with you. If this is done correctly then it differentiates your brand from your competitors and helps in elevating your brand position in your prospective customer’s mind.

The website copy and design of your website will create a positive impression and will urge your prospective customer to do business with you. If you do this correctly and strategically then it will elevate your brand from the competition.

2. Generate quality leads – Getting leads from your website requires a marketing strategy. Lead is when someone shares his email address or phone to know more about your products or services and wants more information to make his final purchase decision.

When someone exchanges his name, email address, and phone number to access valuable content on your website. Then, it can be termed as a marketing qualified lead.

The quality of leads depends on the content you are sharing with your audience. As a manufacturing business, you can share whitepapers, case studies, research papers, webinars, product guides & ebooks.

The quality of the above content determines the quality of leads you will get.

3. More targeted traffic – You can start getting targeted traffic to your website by doing keyword research and selecting the right kind of keywords that will help your business get more leads and sales.

Keyword research and content written around those keywords will help you in laser focus targeting. Your every marketing tactic such as paid ads, search engine optimization, email marketing and blogs will start getting the result for you.

Most manufacturing businesses fail at this stage. They fail in choosing the right kind of keywords that will help them in getting targeted traffic & leads.

Website copy written using the right keywords will get you more traffic with the intent of doing business with you.

4. More exposure & Better rankings in Google and other search engines – Keyword selection, content & website architecture will bring more exposure and get more rankings on Google and other search engines.

The right mix of keywords such as information-based, navigation-based, or transaction-based can help your website to convert better.

Blog content targeting Short-tail, medium-tail & long-tail keywords can help in getting backlinks, and educating and nurturing your audience about your products & services.

It will also send positive signals about your website to Google and other search engines that your website is useful to the searchers, and guide them to rank your website better than your competitors.

5. Fast Loading and Mobile Responsive Website – Speed is an important ranking factor for Google. You need to have a lightning-fast website to achieve better rankings than your competition.

Several factors play a major role in the speed of the website. Some of them are:-

  1. Hosting
  2. Javascript & CSS
  3. Third-party plugins
  4. Animation
  5. Database

You need to make sure you have a professional team working on your website who knows their stuff. Speed Optimization is a critical job and it is better to be handled by experts.

Cheap hosting and companies working at a low price will not be able to do justice to you and your website in terms of maintenance of your website. Because it is repetitive work and needs constant monitoring.

Due to this and other security reasons, we compulsorily make website care contracts with our clients. We don’t want to take any chances.

6. Increase in Online Visibility on the Internet –More online visibility for your brand can only be achieved when your website and content start getting eyeballs.

To get more eyeballs you need a content marketing strategy aligned with your business goals.

You need to identify your ideal customer profile and find out its various demographic traits. You also need to understand his beliefs and think with empathy about his problems.

Align your content with solving those problems and your brand will get more visibility on the internet aka Google. (Google is the gateway to the Internet)

7. International Traffic to your Website (International SEO)- If you want to take your business internationally then you will need to make sure you tell Google which countries you want to target. You will also need to tell the languages you use.

Here is the URL checklist of to-do for your International SEO.
International SEO Checklist

International SEO is the best marketing strategy for your manufacturing business. If you are looking for getting export orders for your products & services.

8. Increase trust & authority among your targeted audience –Once you start regular content writing for your blog, newsletter, and other pages on your website. It will start building trust between your prospective customers and they will look at your brand and you as an authoritarian whom they can look for solutions to their problems.

Only content with a strategic marketing goal targeting your ideal customer persona will help you. Randomly posted content without any strategy will not take long.

Always think of the Ideal Customer persona and customer journey while writing content. This is where most manufacturing businesses make mistakes. They don’t know who their ideal customer is and what his customer value journey is in your business.

9. Reduce the duration of the sales cycle –Your website can do the major heavy lifting of convincing your client to do business with you. But to do so. You need to have website copy that will convert your prospect into paid customers.

Website copy plays a huge role in conversion. Most manufacturing businesses fail to recognize the importance of website copy. It is not their fault. To get business, most agencies sell website design services at a low cost.

To write a copy that converts, you need a good copywriter who knows his words and also a web designer who empathizes words with his design. And these people are not cheap. They cost a lot due to their expertise & experience.

We work with experienced copywriters & have a team of website designers & developers that know their stuff. Hence, the cost of our website solution is not cheap.

Copy of low-cost websites is usually written without doing any customer research and just written content for sake of doing it without much thought process into it.

When all these vital parameters mix well then half of the work of convincing your clients is done. The rest remains to finalize the price, technical feasibility, shipping, and service. These parameters vary case to case basis hence the need for the role of human communication comes into play.

Conclusion:- Website and Digital marketing strategies play a crucial role in generating quality leads and converting those leads into paying customers. Manufacturing businesses should work seriously towards their website and make sure to align it with their marketing strategy. You need to have a realistic budget for your website and digital marketing in order to grow your business.

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