Foresightshooting Academy


Requirement Summary –
Mr Hemant Jadhav approached us to build their membership website which will help them to sell their Air Pistol Shooting Video Courses online.

He was looking for a reliable and expert solution provider to get this done.

Our Approach –

To begin with, We first discussed his goals and then we conducted a detailed digital marketing strategy workshop with him.

Based on the workshop findings we presented him with a marketing strategy which should be adopted.

Once we agreed on the marketing strategy we created a design prototype after finalizing the design, We moved to development, Site was developed in 2 phases. Both phases were tested and were released successfully.

Our Solution –

Website, Email Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Conversion Optimization, Content Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Consultation

Outcome –

Six months after launching the website, We were able to add 350 members for the free basic course and 125 members for paid courses

Most of the Website Keywords ranked on first 5 rankings of Google SERP.

With the help of email marketing and blogging, we were able to educate, nurture and convert free members to paid members.

Client Review –

On 16 June 2018, foresight shooting was launched. This is the worlds’ first online air pistol coaching website.

The site was developed in two months flat by Supernova Systems. Supernova’s expertise lies in creating tailormade website solutions.

No website is effective until unless it is backed by a sound Digital Marketing Strategy and service. Digital Marketing strategies and effective implementation of the same is definitely one of their strengths and plus points.

I found their Chief-Sunny Bhosle to be well versed in the sphere of Digital Marketing. The strategy recommended by him has yielded results, precisely as predicted by him.

Secondly, I found the team to be very flexible, in accommodating the many design changes which were incorporated, in response to highly dynamic market requirements. These too were done expeditiously on almost a war footing. This enabled us to change course swiftly to meet our client’s requirements and needs.

Foresight Shooting is only four months old, my website looks like it has been around for almost four years, thanks to Supernova.