Rire Agrotech

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Requirement –

Rohit Goyal , founder of RIRE Agrotech, was involved in the manufacturing of the innovative product, the weed control mat. He had completed his trials and was now ready for marketing his product to the targeted market.

He was clear that a website and digital marketing were the solutions for him. But he was not able to find a professional website design and digital marketing agency that could help him achieve his business goals. He was looking for a website design and digital marketing agency based out of Satara.

Approach –

After searching on Google, Rohit discovered us and raised an inquiry. After the initial consultation call, we finalized the date for the discovery workshop.

Solution –

After doing a discovery workshop with him, we came up with the marketing plan. As part of the marketing plan, we created a marketing strategy and launched a website which was equipped with the planned marketing strategy.

We made sure that the marketing collateral would point users to the website. On the website, we had content explaining the importance of the weed control mat, a comparison of traditional mulch vs. weed control mat, and weed installation steps and precautions.

We also arranged for a photoshoot to demonstrate the use of the weed control mat.
The website copy and messaging were written in such a way as to get more leads.