How to make sure your website is able to generate traffic

You designed a website and over a period of time, not a single content has been added to the website. Then chances are that your website would not be generating traffic for you and hence business.
Just by getting your website live does not guarantee that it will be able to generate traffic or business for you. Having static website alone will not help you in generating business.

In order to generate traffic to your website. You will need to do the following step

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By Blogging from your website you will able to discuss the various topics related to your business niche. Blog articles will help you to showcase you as an expert in your business niche. Besides this, content added by blog articles is identified by the search engines bots which helps you in increasing your site rankings for a particular search.

Social Media

As per your business niche, choose relevant social media sites and create your business presence on them. For eg:- if you are retail toys store then Facebook and Instagram would be appropriate social media sites where you can create a business profile and promote your products. Social media sites will help you to generate a community around your brand. Make sure you add website URL to social media profile page or posts.


You can share your website with your friends or business colleagues and encourage them to share to their network on social media sites. You can also send email to your friends or business colleagues about your website URL and also convey them to share it with others.

Search Engine Optimization

One of the highly targeted sources of traffic comes from search engines, You will need to make sure your website is search engine friendly and also optimized for various keywords searched on search engines. Some of the major search engines are Google,Yahoo and MSN.

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