Why should your Website be equipped with SSL certificate?

What is SSL certificate ?

SSL certificate is a data file which assigns a cryptographic key to organizational details such as name, server name, location etc. Installing SSL certificate enables green padlock symbol on URL in the browser, it also changes from HTTP to HTTPS protocol where s stands for “secure”. Https creates a secure connection between browser and web server.

SSL certificate securemessage

Browser displaying secure connection message when a website uses SSL certificate

SSL certificate unsecuremessage

Browser displaying connection not secure message when website does not use SSL certificate

SSL certificate is usually used to secure credit card transaction details, login details and data transfer between applications. Now a days social media sites also need to be equipped with SSL certificate.

Why Should I use SSL certificate for my Website?


SSL certificate provides security feeling among the visitors of the website. The green padlock symbol shows that connection established between the web browser and a web server is secured. This creates a sense of assurance and trust while submitting user data such as name, email, address and phone number.

SSL certificate green padlock symbol

Ranking Factor in Search Engine Optimization

Google has been giving more weight to the use of SSL certificates on the website. Google has said that websites with SSL certificate installed will have an advantage in ranking in SERP (Search Engine Result page). Nonetheless adding SSL certificate alone can help you in seeing a jump in your website ranking factor ratio.


In normal cases, data transmitted from browser to server is usually in plain text format. This plain text file can be easily interpreted by users with malicious intent. This can lead to data loss or data theft. By installing SSL certificate on your website, SSL certificate establishes secure SSL connection between the browser and web server using a private key, public key and session key. These keys are used to encrypt and decrypt data between communicating browser, web servers, email servers and email clients.

How much do I need to pay to get my SSL?

There are various SSL certificate issuer organizations. Most of the SSL certificates issued are paid but there is one exception to it. Let’s Encrypt organization provides free domain validation SSL certificate. Whereas Organization validation and Extended Level validation (EV) are not provided by Let’s Encrypt. For this type of SSL certificates, you will need pay to use them. There are various SSL certificate providers such as GoDaddy, HostGator and various others.

Cost of SSL certificate varies in between 100 USD to 1000 USD per year.

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